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Company Blogs

Dallas Iron Fitness - Dallas-based fitness company offering in-person and online fitness programs

"Lower Your Stress: 4 Ways to Give Your Body A Break" - March 2018

"4 Heart Healthy Recipes for Two" - February 2018

"4 Pieces of Workout Gear That We Love" - January 2018

"30 Minute Workout for the Exercise Newbie" - January 2018

"3 Health Goals That ANYONE Can Achieve" - January 2018

"Do This Instead: 4 Keys to Meeting Your New Year's Resolutions" - January 2018

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Lifestyle Blogs

The Financial Diet - "a blog about personal finance and living better (without being boring)"

"How I'm Getting By After An Unexpected 50% Pay Cut" - January 2018

"4 Mistakes I Made Trying to Monetize My Blog" - September 2017

"5 Ways I'm Saving Enough Money To Afford A Last-Minute Trip to Europe" - May 2017

"2 Sobering Life Lessons I Got From Working For A Non-Profit" - April 2017

"Exactly How I'm Affording an 8-Day Trip to London on a $1,200-Per-Month Salary" - December 2016

"6 Things I Wish I'd Done Differently In My First Full-Time Post-Grad Job" - August 2016

"A Complete Breakdown Of How I Became An Airline Ticket Price-Gamer" - July 2016

Her Story Goes - "a sacred space for women of all ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds to come together in conversation about what it truly means to be a woman"

"The Top 5 Things to Do in London" - June 2017

"When Self-Discipline Calls for Compassion" - November 2016

"The Life-Changing Act of Paying Attention" - July 2016

That First Year - "creating community through stories shared of that first year after college and beyond"

"On Public Words of Lessons Learned and Private Lose Your Shit Moments" - February 2018

"Returning to the Desert: When Life Feels Dry and Despairing" - January 2018

"On Eating Queso and Failing to Reach My New Year's Goals" - January 2018

"The Inconvenience of Love" - December 2017

"How Long: The Timeline of Healing" - November 2017

"What is Hope?" - October 2017

"Truth Grounding: A Piece About Anxiety" - October 2017

"The Fear of Discomfort" - September 2017

"Creating Space for Simple, Part II" - June 2017

"Creating Space for Simple, Part I" - May 2017

Our Favorite Things: "5 Books That Change You" - May 2017

"On Having A 'Real Job'" - May 2017

"On Being A Quitter" - April 2017

"When All You Can Do Is Just Be There" - March 2017

"3 Things I'm Learning About Achieving Goals" - March 2017

"The Lesson of Loneliness" - December 2016

"That Time I Wanted to be a Nomad" - November 2016

"The End of 23" - October 2016

"Losing Your Life to Busy" - October 2016

"On Making Decisions When You Are Afraid Literally Always" - June 2016

"New Things, Better Things" - April 2016

"A Big Kid's Guide to Credit Cards" - March 2016

"Peace, Perfect Peace" - November 2015

"So This is the Desert, Then" - August 2015

"The Making of Milestones" - July 2015