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Windrose Magazine

I serve as Editor of Windrose Magazine, an online & print publication for navigating life in your twenties.

  • "What It Means to Matter: An Interview with Author Hannah Brencher" // Issue 2 [May 2018 publication]

  • “The Invitation of Art” // Issue 2 [May 2018 publication]


Company Blogs

Queen City Destination - Cincinnati-based Destination Management Company

The Staging Consultant - Nashville-based home staging expert

Dallas Iron Fitness - Dallas-based fitness company offering in-person and online fitness programs

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Lifestyle Blogs

The Financial Diet - "a blog about personal finance and living better (without being boring)"

Her Story Goes - "a sacred space for women of all ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds to come together in conversation about what it truly means to be a woman"

Windrose Magazine - "creating community through stories shared of life in your twenties"