I Like Dreamers

I like dreamers. They are not realistic in the least, and it is the most endearing thing.

“I’m going to do this,” they say, and I lean in close. “Tell me more! Tell me of all the things you’ll do!” And it excites me to see just how unfazed these people are by reality’s demands, how willing they are to say to reality, “Beat it, scram!”

Reality is like the cranky nanny who never wanted the children to have any fun whatsoever. “Fairies aren’t real!” she scowls to the little girls playing in the garden. (Please picture an English countryside scene for this image, because that is how I see it playing out in my head.)

Reality is bills and jobs spent in cubicles and breakups and illnesses and death. We have enough reality already. That is why I like dreamers.

Some people had dreams once, but they don’t anymore. Some people’s tiny embers of dreams were smothered long before they could grow into an all-consuming fire, illuminating the world around them. I wonder how much light we’ve unknowingly gone without because someone decided their dream didn’t align with reality, whether they made this decision because of unfavorable life circumstances or whether it was because too many people told them to “be realistic.”

“That is not realistic,” the world says between howls of laughter at your grandiose dreams. “Be realistic!” the world urges.

But I think we’ve also taken the real definition of reality (i.e. bills and death and all that) and added our own silly twists to it. Expecting to travel the world while simultaneously having zero dollars to your name is unrealistic. Jumping off a cliff with the expectation that a giant eagle a-la Lord of the Rings will swoop in and carry you to safety is unrealistic. But attending the dream college, pursuing that passion, turning your beloved side project into a full-time gig, traveling to your heart’s nomadic content, writing books or making music or painting canvases or starting a business, why in the world are things like this looked down upon, judged as being unrealistic? I think we’ve taken the definition of “reality” and boxed ourselves into a way of life set on building riches, gaining power, minimizing risk, and assuring stability. And any diversion to this way of life—the life that expects the 9-to-5 career and money to come first, always, no matter what—is deemed absurd, scoffed at as being “unrealistic.”

Cool people dream. Sad people give up on dreaming. And then lame people just laugh at those who dream. This world needs more of those cool people who dream, not the lame ones who go about assuring that everyone keep within the perimeters of what society views as “reality.”

Oh yes, I do love dreamers. They are not realistic in the least, and it is the most endearing thing. They believe in magic and whimsy and the ability to make a change, and I want to believe in those things, too.


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"Dancing on Glass" // St. Lucia

I enjoy this band, and I quite enjoy this dreamy and (relatively) new song from St. Lucia's latest album, Matter. I've taken to beginning my days with a listen to this, and I encourage you to do the same. Much like a cup of a coffee, it will push you into whatever the day may hold.