Small Business Copywriting Services

You are a small business owner with a passion and a plan. 

Aka, my kinda person.

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Maybe you’ve been on the entrepreneurial grind for years now, or you’re just now dipping your toes into the small-business-waters.

You know that what you have to offer is the next best thing since the advent of Taco Tuesdays, but you’re not entirely sure how to tell the world about your go-bonkers-amazing product or service.

Maybe writing isn’t exactly your thing—but you KNOW that a key component to building your business’ online presence involves writing words that turn your audience from “hello, nice to meet you” inquiries to “here, take all my money!” customers.

In fact, staring at the blank screen with that flashing cursor taunting you is the stuff of your personal nightmares—waiting in line at the post office during the Christmas season seems less of a torture than trying to come up with quippy copy that actually converts.

What if your biz copywriting could sound just like you… without you actually having to write it?!

(Say it ain’t so!)

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Take it from my clients who are killing the small-biz game:

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Let’s shout from the Internet rooftops about your services & products through copywriting that captures your brand’s personality and creates connection between you and your customers.

Together, we will identify your audience, create your brand’s unique voice, and then I will get to work writing copy that will make a reader say (out loud!), "I'm likin' what this biz is putting down. I want to learn more!"

Let hours spent staring at a blank screen wondering, “Okay, so NOW what do I write?” become only distant memories of your past.

Let me write for you...

I offer the following copywriting services:


Website copy

Blog posts


Email marketing

Email Opt-in Freebies


Basically… any place where your biz has something to say.


Interested in working with me?

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