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Travel Journal // Two Weeks in Canada: British Columbia [Part 1]

Last June, I spent two weeks exploring Canada’s British Columbia and Alberta regions. It was a trip characterized by wild beauty and a swelling appreciation for the peace offered by a hike in the mountains, an experience of rest that my soul had been thirsting for.

These are the details of my first week + recommendations for your own visit to British Columbia.

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You're in Bear Country: What A Hiking Trip in the Canadian Rockies Taught Me About Fear

“You can’t do this,” Fear told me as I stopped to catch my breath midway up the ascent. Other hikers passed by clad in proper hiking gear—waterproof pants, boots with grip, collapsible hiking sticks. I was wearing yoga leggings, a barely-waterproof jacket found on sale at Burlington Coat Factory, and tennis shoes that I had owned since high school. Fear was right—I was not equipped at all for a hike in the Canadian Rockies.

This is an essay on fear, doing hard things, and hiking in the Canadian Rockies.

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