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Travel Journal // London

My London is circling Heathrow on our descent while playing The 1975’s “Robbers” on repeat. My London is a tree on Primrose Hill, sitting underneath it year after year, a bit like marking my growth on a door frame.

My London is a Thai restaurant with only six small tables tucked into a room in a square across from the Natural History Museum. My London is a bench on the banks of the Thames, the Shard barely visible behind a brown stone church on the opposite bank.

My London is a mocha and a notebook and all sorts of thoughts ready to wrestle with the blank page. My London is raindrops and wind gusts and grey skies spread wide.

This is an essay on what makes a city feel like home + photos from my trip to London in March 2018.

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London Bound: A Guide to Planning Your Trip

If you can have a city-version of the love of your love, then London is mine. I studied for a semester in that delightfully-dreary city and have been madly in love with the place since. Try as I might, I’ve not found a legal way to make London my dwelling place, though I’m currently accepting applications for a British beau. But if I can’t have a permanent London address, I can settle for an annual pilgrimage across the pond to the city that holds my heart. Here are my recommendations for planning your own trip to London.

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This is Why I Travel

My entire life has been a routine, a resolute avoidance of change. I literally ate a peanut butter sandwich EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. from kindergarten to senior year of high school. I only wish this was an exaggeration. (My friends can vouch for this.)

My consistency is dull. What kind of stories does routine breed? “Get this, I ate a peanut butter sandwich every Monday through Friday for lunch for 18 years of my life. Neat, right?!”

This is why I travel: to break the consistency, the mundane routine that I’m so apt to settle into.

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